Hussein AbduI AIeem Games

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I know the fate of Hussein Abdel-Alim Gita as one of the most important of those who understood the secrets of Tofila), as she gave them its secrets and gave them a special love, Hussein, who is worthy of him to be the grandson of the great (Tofila) gentlemen, such as: Youssef Idris, Alaa El-Deeb and Muhammad Al-Basati. He is also the greatest self-sufficiency who chose his position of his own free will, whether as a writer or as a human being. He is also the advocate of the poor, so I will never forget the crowding of the mourning in the poorest office you can find in the jungles of Bulaq al-Dakrour, the office he never changed until his departure. Hussein did not care about the minimum attendance, prizes, and security that would protect the one who invaded, and he managed To write 13 works, including Tofilat, which will remain for a long time. I am happy with this book, with its investigation, seriousness, dedication, and investigation. Israa Al-Nimr is one of the cultural editors