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Little Ludovicio Clavier, the young Angolan man who dreams of finding his French father, and this obsession continues to haunt him, so he decides to travel to Europe to search for him and to search for opportunities to live in a decent place.

The novel “The Migrants” is the story of a long journey of attempts to escape and search for a better world. A group of young people begin their journey or migration from Angola in the south of the African continent, passing through Chad to go to Libya to try to illegally infiltrate Europe, then getting lost in the middle of the desert on the Niger border, and going to Mali in the attempts to return. To the Congo, they fall one after another, victims of this unsafe adventure: dead, missing, and lost, so that the rest of them can return to the Congo.

Traveling to Italy.

A revealing account of the conditions that most African countries are experiencing, and the dream that their youth have of traveling and immigrating to Europe, even if that migration is illegal, it remains their hope for extricating them from miserable conditions, even if it throws them into conditions no less miserable than what they were in.

Jonas Nazaret is a journalist, researcher, and storyteller from Angola who writes in Portuguese and French, and in addition to these languages, he speaks Arabic and English. He moved between his country and Portugal - where he published his novels - until he moved to Egypt in 2007, where he has resided since then until now. In addition to writing, Jonas Nazareth is active in raising awareness among African youth and works closely with civil society. He has published

A book in Arabic in Cairo and two novels in Portuguese in Lisbon.