Laila Waheda Takfi

200 EGP

The events of the novel “One Night is Enough” take place on the night that witnessed the setback of June 1967, and it takes place in a supposed Omani café as the scene of its events. The two main characters are the nurse, Wijdan, who works in an Ammani hospital. At the moment of war, when the sky is filled with smoke, she resorts to a coffee shop, to confront "Theeb" who works there, and is forced to stay in the place to avoid the dangers she will face if she decides to go home. Despite the short time in which the events take place, they shed light on the history of the two personalities with its details that extend in time and space. Theeb, the young man who was forced into exile before returning to Amman, and Wijdan, the daughter of the emigrated family from Palestine as a result of the Nakba, who emerged from a painful love story that ended with the loss of her former lover in a tragic accident.